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Discover Balance and Harmony with Ivy Moon: Holistic and Spiritual Wellness in West Dorset

A little bit about Ivy Moon

Merry Meet!

My name is Morven, however I am affectionally known as ‘Nym’ by my friends. 

I am privileged to live in the tranquil and scenic area of rural West Dorset, seven miles inland (as the crow flies) from the Jurassic Coastline, where I have spent many years mastering my spiritual and alternative skills to help others achieve and sustain balance and harmony in their lives.

In our fast-paced society, it’s common for our minds, bodies, and senses to become overwhelmed, which can adversely affect our spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

The services and methods I provide aim to restore and regulate these aspects, leading to a significantly positive impact on all facets of life.

I am fully certified, insured, and hold an enhanced DBS check.

Raised in the Pagan belief, my journey really began with my first workshop, hidden among the towering fir trees and overlooking a beautiful pond within my grandparents’ enchanting garden.

Here, shelves were haphazardly placed among the branches, crafted from wood sourced from my late grandfather’s garage. These shelves displayed an array of potions, stones, concoctions, pans and kitchen utensils (my apologies Nana, for the missing items—it was indeed me who spirited them away, not Mr. Nobody!).

It was a truly magickal place, I remember the pond being alive with pond skaters, newts, frogs and fish, a stunning pussy willow tree bowed gracefully over the stone bridge reflecting in the lilly scattered water. Apple trees were dotted throughout the garden, heathers cascaded down the hillside, and scents of mock orange, honeysuckle, Lilly of the valley filled the air throughout the seasons.  The wildlife was abundant, woodpeckers, owls, wrens, robins, slow-worms, adders and grass snakes, hedgehogs and more so much more could be found. 

Spirits were prevalent within the garden and house, it was commonplace for us as a family to see shadows and full-body apparitions, witness keys turning in the locks, hear crashing from upstairs when there was nobody there and even have items thrown at us!  

My first familiar on my Pagan journey was a charming bantam cockerel named Snowy who imprinted on me.  He was a character and would watch me craft from his perch in on the branches sporting a daisy chain around his neck which I had lovingly made him. Occasionally he would jump down to assist me or would climb onto my shoulder and join me in collecting supplies for my spells such as thyme, pine needles, clover, honeysuckle, heather and unusual stones. 

Now, after countless lunar cycles, I toil within a sturdy yet enchantingly organized shed, affectionately named the Witch’s Nook, alongside my soul dog, Barney, and spirited canine companion, Briar. And here, amidst the haphazardly organized shelves laden with books, potions, incense, crystals, and unusually shaped rocks, lies the secret: My dear husband, it is I who spirits away the kitchen utensils, not Mr. Nobody. 🌙✨🐶🔮

Ivy Moon